Visual Excellence with MaidProfit

In the world of cleaning services, showing is just as important as telling. With MaidProfit's innovative video recording feature, your business can capture every aspect of your service delivery, providing visual evidence of your commitment to excellence and attention to detail.

Showcase Your Work with Powerful Video Capabilities

Our video recording tool allows you to document the quality and thoroughness of your cleaning services, creating a dynamic record that can be shared with clients for unparalleled transparency.

Before-and-After Comparisons

Strengthen client confidence by sharing visual transformations achieved by your team.

Service Documentation

Record the methods and processes your staff employs, ensuring consistency and accountability.

Training Resource

Utilize video recordings as training materials to demonstrate best practices and company standards to new team members.
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Before-and-After Comparisons

Enhanced Communication and Marketing

Client Engagement: Engage clients with video updates, showing progress in real time or the final sparkling results. Marketing Content: Use recorded videos as marketing material to showcase your services on social media, your website, or in advertising campaigns.

Communication suite
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Service Documentation

Efficient Operations and Quality Assurance

Quality Control: Review videos to assess the quality of service provided and implement improvements. Operational Analysis: Analyze work patterns and techniques for efficiency gains and skill enhancement.

Mobile app

Empower Your Financial Operations with MaidProfit

Take control of your salary management with MaidProfit and ensure that your financial compensation processes are as efficient and accurate as your cleaning services. Reach out to us to learn more about how we can help streamline your payroll today.
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less time spent on accounting & reports

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Training Resource

Secure Storage and Easy Access

Cloud Storage: Videos are securely stored in the cloud, ensuring they are safe, accessible, and do not take up space on your devices. Easy Sharing: Share videos with clients or staff with just a few clicks, directly through the MaidProfit platform.

Customer management

Transform your cleaning business

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Kristin Watson


Since integrating MaidProfit into our operations, I've seen a remarkable transformation in how we manage our cleaning business. As a CEO, efficiency and oversight are crucial, and this software delivers precisely that. The user-friendly interface and powerful features, from scheduling to client management, have streamlined our processes, saving us time and significantly boosting productivity. It's rare to find a tool that meets so many needs effectively, but MaidProfit does just that. Highly recommended for any cleaning service looking to elevate their business to the next level.

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Absolutely not! We understand that having a clean and organized customer history allows you to prepare for anything life throws at you, as well as maintain healthy customer relationships.

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Increase your availability and streamline your scheduling process with custom job and client profiles.


Increase your availability and streamline your scheduling process with custom job and client profiles.

Quotes & Estimates

Win more jobs and increase profits with custom estimates you can send directly to your customer in the field

GPS Tracking

Save on gas, work efficiently, and get to your customers faster with fully optimized route planning

Record video

Allow cleaners to record videos before and after work to send work results reports to customers

Online booking

Increase job opportunities by 30% and give your clients the fastest way to book your services

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I always recommend MaidProfit. It’s incredible and has doubled our booking and sales

Christian Fowler