Terms of Service




This Terms of Service Agreement (“Agreement”) is a binding legal contract between you, the service-engaging business entity ("Client"), and MaidProfit LLC ("MaidProfit"), a leading technology provider specializing in software solutions for the cleaning industry. The Agreement is activated upon the Client’s commitment to a Purchase Order, with MaidProfit extending its advanced suite of services, including but not limited to, customer relationship management, route optimization, call logging, compliance reporting, and AI-driven operational tools.

Purchase Order and Acceptance

A "Purchase Order" is the formal commitment entered into by the Client, either through a signed physical document or an electronic submission via MaidProfit’s digital ordering system. The Agreement incorporates all terms of the Purchase Order and any supplemental policies, with acceptance signified through engagement with MaidProfit’s services or the Purchase Order itself.

MaidProfit may update these terms and conditions, with notice given on MaidProfit’s Terms and Conditions page. The Client’s continued use of the service after updates signifies their acceptance of the revised terms.

Comprehensive Definitions

Capitalized terms within the Agreement hold specific definitions as provided or as commonly understood within the operational context of MaidProfit’s service offerings. The use of headings is for ease of reading and should not influence the interpretation of this Agreement.

Account Registration and Responsibility

To access MaidProfit's suite of services, Clients must register an account, providing complete and accurate information for all users granted access under the Client’s subscription. MaidProfit disclaims any liability for unauthorized account activity if breaches are not reported in a timely fashion.

Subscription License and Restrictions

MaidProfit grants a non-transferable subscription to access its technology suite, tailored to the Client’s operational scale and needs as specified in the Purchase Order. The Client is restricted from unauthorized resale, alteration, or exploitation of MaidProfit’s services. All intellectual property rights associated with the software and its content are reserved and protected under U.S. law.

Data Management

MaidProfit's services are designed for active use and not for data storage. Clients are responsible for backing up any data inputted into MaidProfit’s system.

Content and Communication

Clients are solely responsible for the legality and the rights associated with the content transmitted through MaidProfit’s platform. MaidProfit assumes no liability for the Client’s use of content.

Service Features and Modifications

MaidProfit may at its discretion alter existing features or introduce new services, with the aim of enhancing user experience and expanding functionality. These changes will be communicated to the Client, and continued use of the service will constitute acceptance of such changes.

Updates and Support

Updates to MaidProfit’s software may be provided, with the aim of maintaining currency and relevancy in service offerings. Support for these updates is available in line with current policies and may incur additional charges based on the nature and scope of the support requested.

Ownership and Licensing

While Clients retain ownership of their data, MaidProfit holds all rights to the software platform and related content. Feedback from Clients is welcomed and utilized for continuous improvement and innovation, with appropriate licensing arrangements in place.

Fees, Payments, and Financial Provisions

Clients agree to timely payment of fees as detailed in the Purchase Order. MaidProfit offers a MaidProfitPay feature, enabling streamlined payment processing, with adherence to additional terms as applicable. MaidProfit’s pricing structure is transparent and designed to align with the Client’s usage and service package specifications. 

Disclaimers for U.S. Use

MaidProfit disclaims all implied warranties to the fullest extent permissible under U.S. law, providing the software on an “as is” basis. MaidProfit is not liable for any indirect consequences or disruptions due to internet connectivity issues or external service providers.

Limitation of Liability

MaidProfit's total liability is capped to the extent of fees paid by the Client, with specific exclusions for indirect or incidental damages as recognized under U.S. legal standards.


Clients are expected to indemnify MaidProfit against claims that arise due to misuse of services, violation of the Agreement, or third-party claims related to the Client’s operations.

Term, Termination, and Governing Law

The Agreement is initially valid for one year, with automatic renewal unless otherwise terminated. The Agreement is governed by the laws of the state where MaidProfit is domiciled, with exclusive jurisdiction vested in its local courts.

Contact Details

MaidProfit LLC can be reached for queries and support at hello@maidprofit.com. Visit our website at www.maidprofit.com for more information or assistance.