Huy Nguyen

Co-Founder and Tech Lead of MaidProfit

In my role as Co-Founder and Tech Lead of MaidProfit, I work alongside Jimmy Ho, the visionary founder of the company. Our paths crossed at a tech conference, where we discovered a mutual ambition to revolutionize the cleaning service industry. Jimmy, with his entrepreneurial flair and deep understanding of the industry, complements my technical expertise perfectly. His insights into market needs and customer experiences have been invaluable in shaping MaidProfit's strategic direction.

Under our combined, MaidProfit has become a pioneering platform in the industry. While I focus on the technological development and scalability of our solutions, Jimmy drives the business strategy, ensuring our offerings not only meet but exceed market expectations. Together, we've created a system that enhances operational efficiency and customer satisfaction, positioning MaidProfit as a trailblazer in technology-driven service enhancements.



If I could travel anywhere in the world right now, I would go to Singapore. Because it was the first country I went to outside the country I live in. I am impressed with the life and culture here.