Jimmy Ho

Founder of MaidProfit

Visionary Behind MaidProfit

With over a decade of experience in a high-tech role. I embarked on a new venture in the Bay Area in 2020, amidst the Covid-19 pandemic. I established a cleaning business dedicated to supporting frontline workers, focusing on delivering unparalleled services to businesses and first responders. This commitment fueled our remarkable growth beyond initial expectations.

As we grew, I identified a critical need: effective software to support our expanding operations and enhance customer service. Determined to find a solution, I collaborated with Huy, a like-minded innovator, to develop MaidProfit.

MaidProfit is the result of perseverance and collaborative innovation. It's not just software; it's a tool empowering cleaning businesses to achieve operational excellence, improve customer satisfaction, and drive growth. We invite cleaning business owners, potential investors, and talented individuals to join us in redefining the cleaning industry with MaidProfit.

Gratitude and Teamwork: The Pillars of Our Success

The creation and growth of MaidProfit are testaments to the power of teamwork and shared goals. I am immensely grateful and proud to each team member whose dedication, expertise and innovative spirit have been pivotal in our journey. Their support and collaboration have been instrumental in turning our vision into a reality.

My Commitment to Innovation and Community
Throughout my career, I have always been driven by innovation and community service. This dual focus is at the heart of MaidProfit. By integrating cutting-edge technology with a deep understanding of the cleaning industry’s needs, we strive to offer a product that is both revolutionary and deeply relevant.

Join Us in Our Journey
I invite you to be part of our transformative journey at MaidProfit. Together, we are not just developing software; we are nurturing a community of forward-thinking business owners who are set to redefine the cleaning industry’s standards. Let’s embark on this path of growth, opportunity, and impactful change together.

Welcome to MaidProfit, where your business’s efficiency and growth are our top priorities.



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