Master the Art of Writing a House Cleaner Job Description [+ Free Template]


A well-crafted house cleaner job description is more than a list of duties; it's a reflection of your company's standards, culture, and the value you place on your employees. It plays a crucial role in attracting candidates who are not only capable but also a good fit for your team.

Role Summary 

Importance of a Clear Role Summary

The first piece of your house cleaning job description is the role summary. Use this section to explain what a residential house cleaner or housekeeper does and what kind of person you’re looking for.

The role summary should include:

  • Position title
  • Who the house cleaner reports to
  • General responsibilities

Importance of a Clear Role Summary For House Cleaner Job

Example of right role summary for house cleaner position

Hiring Residential Cleaner, Full Time: In this role, which reports to our crew lead, you will clean homes and build client relationships. This role may be the right fit if you pay close attention to details, work well with a team and on your own, pride yourself on a job well done, and aren’t afraid to apply a little elbow grease.

Job Responsibilities

Listing Specific Tasks and Duties

Clearly define the responsibilities, including daily tasks like vacuuming, dusting, bathroom cleaning, and periodic duties such as deep cleaning projects. Be specific to manage expectations and ensure candidates understand the role's requirements.

Make sure you don’t forget anything by asking yourself questions like:

  • What types of homes do your employees usually clean and maintain (e.g., apartments, single-family homes)?
  • What types of cleaning services, duties, and tasks do your current employees complete (e.g., vacuuming, dusting, oven cleaning, laundry, carpet cleaning)?
  • What specific cleaning products and cleaning equipment will they be using (e.g., vacuum cleaners, cleaning chemicals and solvents)?
  • Will they be responsible for any non-cleaning tasks (e.g., customer service, creating quotes, scheduling jobs, invoicing clients)?

Clearly define the responsibilities  of house cleaner job

Sample cleaning job responsibilities

  • Execute light house cleaning duties as per the provided checklists, including tasks such as surface wiping, trash disposal, floor vacuuming, and mopping, and linen changing to maintain pristine living environments.
  • Specialize in managing designated areas of a client's residence, ensuring top-notch cleaning services and quality standards are met consistently.
  • Operate with independent judgment in clients' homes, effectively prioritizing cleaning tasks and customizing services to align with clients' specific preferences and needs.
  • Foster strong client relationships by establishing trust and respect, showcasing the personable and professional demeanor expected of expert house cleaners.
  • Adhere to all relevant safety policies and procedures in cleaning practices, guaranteeing a secure and hazard-free environment for both the cleaner and the household.
  • Transport necessary cleaning equipment and supplies efficiently to each appointment, ensuring preparedness and professionalism in every client interaction.
  • Handle payment collection directly from clients when necessary, demonstrating reliability and integrity in financial transactions.
  • Address customer complaints or issues with professionalism, escalating to management when needed, to maintain our standard of customer satisfaction.
  • Show proactive behavior in seeking opportunities to delight clients, going above and beyond in service delivery for a memorable cleaning experience.
  • Utilize a time tracking app diligently to log billable hours accurately, ensuring transparency and fairness in billing.
  • Efficiently manage job details, review daily tasks, and conduct customer follow-ups through our residential cleaning app, designed to streamline cleaning service operations and enhance client communication.

Qualifications and Skills

Essential Skills for Success

Most house cleaners don’t require a certain level of education or experience. With the right hands-on cleaner training, new employees can quickly learn to do the job and do it well.

Still, you might want your new cleaner or housekeeper to have certain skills or knowledge that make them a good fit for residential cleaning. This could include their attitude, physical ability, previous experience, or knowledge of specific cleaning techniques.

Working Hours

Setting Clear Expectations

Outline the expected working hours, including any weekend, evening, or flexible hours. Transparency in this area helps candidates determine if they can commit to the schedule you're offering.

Sample working hours

  • Full-time, year-round
  • Mon–Fri, 8:00am–4:00pm
  • Overtime available but not required

Role Compensation

Competitive Compensation Details

Be upfront about the salary range, benefits (such as health insurance, paid time off), and any additional perks or incentives. A competitive compensation package can significantly attract high-quality candidates.

Sample compensation

  • $14–18/hour
  • $0.50/hour performance bonus
  • Health insurance, including dental and vision
  • Paid holidays and time off
  • 401(k) matching and life insurance

Company Overview

Showcasing Your Business

Provide a brief introduction to your company, emphasizing its mission, culture, and why it's a fantastic place to work. This section can help attract candidates who share your values and are likely to be a good cultural fit.

Sample Cleaning Company Overview

Sparkling and Beyond Cleaning Services was founded to support healthcare frontliners, especially during the 2020 pandemic, by implementing scientifically-backed protocols to ensure safety in high-risk environments such as hospitals and care centers. Now a leading provider in the Bay Area, we offer janitorial and residential cleaning services to prestigious clients, including Fortune 100 companies. Our team, known for its rigorous training and use of advanced techniques, is dedicated to surpassing client expectations and maintaining high standards of cleanliness and safety. Our commitment to continuous improvement and innovation ensures we remain at the forefront of the cleaning industry, making us the trusted choice for all cleaning needs.

Attracting the Right Candidates

Crafting an Inviting Job Post

Use inclusive language and highlight aspects of your workplace that make it unique. Mention opportunities for growth, training programs, or community involvement to appeal to candidates looking for a rewarding career.

Legal Considerations and Equal Opportunity Employment

Ensuring Compliance and Inclusivity

Ensure your job description complies with all local and national employment laws, including nondiscrimination policies. Promoting a diverse and inclusive workplace starts with your job posting.

Utilizing the Free House Cleaner Job Description Template

Template Instructions

Use our free template to ensure you cover all the essential points in your job description. Customize it to reflect your specific needs, and remember to include the unique selling points of your company and the role.

FAQs About House Cleaner Job Description

  • How do I make my job description stand out?

    • Focus on what makes your company unique and be clear about what you offer beyond the job itself.
  • What incentives can I offer?

    • Consider including sign-on bonuses, performance incentives, or unique benefits like flexible scheduling.
  • Should I update the job description?

    • Yes, regularly reviewing and updating the job description ensures it remains relevant and attractive to potential candidates.

House Cleaner Job Description Template


A detailed and thoughtfully prepared house cleaner job description is key to attracting the right candidates. It not only outlines the role's requirements but also serves as an introduction to your company culture and values. Use the guide and template provided to create a job description that will catch the attention of potential applicants and help you find the perfect match for your cleaning business.

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